Data Set Up Web App

  • Data Set Up for Schools & Branches
  • Data Set Up for Classes & Divisions
  • Data Set Up for Staff
  • Data Set Up for Buses
  • Data Set Up for Students
  • Add Circulars
  • Attendance Report For Student and Staff
  • Mobile App For Admin

  • QR Code based attendance for Teachers
  • Bus Tracking – SMS to Parents (For Day Care)
  • Attendance Report for Student and Staff
  • View Appointment requests from Parents and respond
  • Add Circulars
  • Approve/Reject Leave Request from Staff
  • Enquiries/Leads, Make a call to Lead
  • Add New Lead/Enquiry, Add notes to Lead
  • Teachers Mobile App

  • Self-Attendance – using QR Code
  • Tasks and Time Log
  • Leave Request
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Checkout
  • Upload Pictures and Videos
  • Daily Activities
  • Message to Parents
  • Parents Mobile App

  • Select Child if there are multiple
  • Send Absent Note
  • Appointment request with teacher
  • View Daily Activities
  • View Messages
  • View Circulars
  • View Attendance Report
  • View Events
  • Screenshots

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    As childhood is the first stage when child gets prepared for society, the early years of children play the key role in their lateral development. Preschools can play an important role in this aspect, especially while ensuring children’s holistic development. We through our school genie product platform are trying to help pre-schools to utilize their time for right activities by saving good amount of time from non-teaching activities Day-to-day Pre-school management is tedious and time-consuming work which needs a definite tool to save good amount of human efforts and time. We address the automation of following but not limited to

    Attendance – attendance for pre-school students, day-care students, teachers, other staff, etc. Parent Teacher Communication through a user friendly App Tasks and Time logs for Teachers Messages to Parents from School through app Data setup for Students, buses, staff, fee structure, classes, divisions, etc Invoice Generation based on the attendance records (for Daycare)